Authentic Movement – The Awareness Weekend

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This is NOT the next Spirituality event, one of many in the wellness hype.


Often we try to understand from just our brain and forget our bodies.
We want to teach you:

“Connecting and integrating the body as an equal in understanding and creating our way of being in the world”


We, Laili Reinders & Kristīne Krosi are here to ground you, give you roots and counterweight for your journey to a better and more authentic version of yourself!


We use movement as a tool to explore one-self and ourselves in relation to others.

-> Why movement? Very simple: “The body does not lie and keeps the score”. Movement connects, lets you flow to spaces you normally do not go and it’s a very fun way to explore how much the body and brain are actually working well together.

-> Another thing we believe in is that a supportive environment is necessary for learning: “being seen” and support of a safe environment and co-regulation with others in your journey are of essence. This is why we have a MAXIMUM of 8 participants per group to ensure you get the highest quality from us!!


Can EVERYBODY join the intensives?

YES, no particular fitness level required, so come as you are, that is good enough!!

We want your body to feel safe and relaxed and comfortable!

It is an “Awareness Weekend” meaning that we want to ease in on topics that have been very often used lately and maybe gotten a bad connotation or raised some allergies or are just misunderstood.

We want you to understand how important the holistic approach is and give you some tips & tools how to strengthen the Body-Mind connection .

We use well founded knowledge and believe that knowledge is best taken by our brain through play, and when it gets “Embodied” or felt and understood by the body.

Let us give you this experience of GROUNDED practices, with an explorers mindset and both feet on the (dance) floor


31 March 2023 - 2 April 2023    
All Day


€100,00 - €175,00



Ticket Type Price Spaces
"I am a rise and shine person" & Quick decider (EARLY BIRD TICKET)
CHECK IN 9.15H Please be aware that that means that you are coming back for dinner in the evening to join the late Group. NORMAL PRICE 175 starting Friday 10-03-2023
"My brain starts working late" but am a quick decider (EARLY BIRD PRICE TICKET)
CHECK IN 13.45h NORMAL PRICE €175 starting Friday 10-03-2023!!
"I am an Octopus with no money"
As Octupi get overwhelmed easily, we will place you in the morning group by default. If you wish otherwise, please contact us!

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