Authentic Movement – The Awareness Weekend (Day 2)

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1 April 2023    
09:30 - 22:00

This is Day 2 of Authentic Movement - The Awareness Weekend, which starts on 31 March 2023.

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Ticket Type Price Spaces
"I am a rise and shine person" & Quick decider (EARLY BIRD TICKET)
CHECK IN 9.15H Please be aware that that means that you are coming back for dinner in the evening to join the late Group. NORMAL PRICE 175 starting Friday 10-03-2023
"My brain starts working late" but am a quick decider (EARLY BIRD PRICE TICKET)
CHECK IN 13.45h NORMAL PRICE €175 starting Friday 10-03-2023!!
"I am an Octopus with no money"
As Octupi get overwhelmed easily, we will place you in the morning group by default. If you wish otherwise, please contact us!

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