Dips & Tricks “The MUSIC BOX” edition

Music Box
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Every Sunday, 6 weeks, the best of tricks from all dance styles.
✅ Buy a single bootcamp or get discount on the complete series
(Join the bootcamps of your choice or do the whole series for the best outcome!)
💃🕺 For the fusion/add-on lovers
💃🕺 For your “awe” moment on your wedding dance
💃🕺 If you are a show dancer looking to expand your knowledge
💃🕺 For those that just want to playfully train their inner connections and strengthen their bodies
6 Themes:
🌟 Footloose: Tango, Samba de Gafeira and Kizomba have one thing in common. That’s the love for footplay & tricks
🌟 The Music box ballerina
Ballet, Brazilian Zouk, Bachata Sensual and Urban Kizz love to play with balance & centre. Find yours in this edition
🌟 Hang in there: (Counter Balance)
Brazilian Zouk, Bachata Sensual and Urban Kizz love to use this hanging connection where we push away and use the tension for creation.
🌟 Trustfall: (leaning in)
Tango & Kizomba are most known for this connection. Strengthen your core & trust together
🌟 Drop it like it’s hot:
Every dance style and show or demo will use at least 1 of these. Well, because it’s hot & fun!
🌟 Sweep me off my feet:
Be Johnny & Baby for a while and fly!
➡️ Small private groups
➡️ A lot of personal attention &. Coaching
➡️ We use spotters for safety (a person there to guide and hold space for each couple practicing
💫 Learn the system, the language, the holistic way versus chunks
💫 These series are not linked to any dance style or music


  • Social leadable, show up as you are! Fitness, age, height, gender, level are NOT of importance in our lessons.
  • We teach you from the beginnings and repeat the basic structure & offer the environment for the body to understand the techniques.
  • We break it down for you in baby steps and you will see that this is achievable for everyone!

We want to GUARANTEE that you will be going home with at least 1 trick in the pocket!

-> Watch our succesful workshop (balance turns) at Esencia Dance School in Hilversum.


6 August 2023    
12:00 - 15:00

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