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Where Body & Mind Dance Together

The Co-Creation Concept

We offer everything that the regular danceschools have no time for, but which are basic necessities to become a fusion dancer who can connect & express to any rhythm.

At Nurlaili Co-Creations, we understand that dance is not just about steps and choreography. It’s about the energy, the rhythm, and the connection that two people share while moving together on the music. Our classes are rooted in a holistic approach that integrates different partner & solo dance styles and rhythms. 

We do start from within the box, the fundamentals, the origin of every style. From there we will guide you to fuse elements of other dancestyles, to find your unique voice in your favorite style (s)

Weekly partner dance classes on tuesday and solo dance classes on monday. We advise a membership plan for the best value for your money.

“As you embrace the freedom of dancing, you’ll deepen your connection with your Body – Mind & Soul to uncover your hidden potential!”

Our expert instructors are highly skilled at creating an atmosphere of trust and openness, where everyone can express themselves freely, while learning the techniques of (partner)dance. You’ll experience the exhilaration of feeling in sync with others and learn to move in harmony as you explore different dance styles and rhythms.


"Amazing dance school! Small groups, creating a safe and friendly atmosphere quickly. Laili is an excellent dance teacher and collaborates with other top instructors! The atmosphere is always great here. Every time I've attended, I feel like I've learned so much and made progress. "Patricia vD
It's a pleasure working with Laili. She is smart, quick, and cooperative. Creating something together with her is enjoyable but also challenging.Cocomotion

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