Teacher Laili

An experience expert of more than 20 years on Dance & Life

Laili dancing solo improvisation

Laili’s responsiveness sets her apart, making her a sought-after partner and a true maestro of connection on the dance floor.

Laili’s signature topics

Laili styling reach

  • Responsiveness & sensitivity for follows
  • Elegant, Sensual & Smooth styling
  • Body movements & isolations
  • Balance & turning
  • Ownership & Intention
  • Flow & elasticity
  • Creativity
  • Musicality
  • Sensitivity & reactivity


Laili loves to work with ownership, empowerment, self-love and compassion. She has a big arsenal of tools to make any brain and body understand or embody at its own pace. She will break it down for you, the way your unique system will understand.


Laili is renowned for her innovative, in-depth teaching skills, boosting the next generations of dancers and teachers with her passion and knowledge of various solo and partner dance styles, while incorporating different body styling and breathing techniques

On the dance floor, she is renowned for her ability to seamlessly adapt to her partner’s every move, creating a dance experience that transcends the ordinary.  Laili’s responsiveness is not just a skill; it’s a dance language she fluently speaks, allowing her to connect on a profound level with anyone she dances with. As the music flows, Laili effortlessly navigates through each step, guided by an intuitive understanding of her partner’s cues.


Her dance is a mesmerizing conversation, where every twirl and dip reflects the beautiful harmony between two souls in motion.

In her classes, she applies a holistic approach, focusing on improving the ‘body-mind’ connection through movement and authentic self-expression.

As a “Manifesting Generator” her power lies in waiting to respond and “trust the flow”. She is an agent of progress and is here to support you in finding your own rhythm of life.

“I am always on the lookout for a new puzzle.”

I live in the Hague, above my own studio, and love spending time with my family as a bonus mom and with my two cats. 

Besides dancing, I have a deep passion for understanding the Human Design, the human psyche and love connecting and debating with like-minded neurodivers that approach life just a little different then most. 

I have a love for catching everyday “mystique of life” on camera, showing the world from a more artistic perspective. Going for a “Magical Realism” approach of life. 

In the end, what sparks my joy the most in a day, is when I achieved to leave every encounter in a positive higher frequency and a little more sparkle!


I have taken several private lessons with Laili to improve my Zouk dancing. I truly experienced it as coming home and exactly what I needed. Finally, someone who understands me and my body and knows precisely where to guide. Her approach felt unique compared to all the other private lessons I have had in the past. With Laili's feedback, I have finally been able to make significant progress. Since my lessons with Laili, I experience much less pain in my legs and feet during and after dancing. I have more energy and enjoyment in dancing. I am aware of the muscles I can engage while dancing to enhance the experience for myself and my partner, and I have tools and targeted exercises that I can practice at home. Very grateful that Laili crossed my path, and I regularly recommend her.Jessica vT
Laili teaches very pleasantly and clearly, sensing well where and how instruction is needed. She can articulate the essence of technique and explain various ways to master it. A great instructor!W vD
With the tips I received from Laili, things finally clicked. Exactly what I needed to enhance my dancing skills, regardless of the dance style (in my case: zouk, salsa, (sensual) bachata, and burlesque). Laili sees what can be improved and excels in conveying it like no other. You truly feel seen with Laili .Wieteke vB
Laili knows how to get to the core!Jan P

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