Partner Fusion Classes

Partner dance classes

“Create a dialogue that transcends words.”

Tuesday 7pm

Latin Footwork & Dynamics Class

Tuesday 8pm

Kizomba Fusion: dips & tricks

Tuesday 9pm

Sensual  combinations: For Zouk & Sensual dancers

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Enhance your dancing skills and revolutionize your communication through dance!

Discover the art of partner dance and unlock a world of connection, expression, and pure joy. We specializes in teaching various partner dances, where you’ll not only master the steps but also develop a new Universal language of movement.

We believe that dance is a powerful tool for enhancing communication channels.

Learn to lead by example, enhance sensitivity, open communication channels and start with clear intention.
Learn to follow on a need-to-know-basis and trust the flow.

We welcome ALL; singles & couples, regardless of your dance experience. Whether you’re looking to reignite your passion or seeking a new way to connect and bond with others, our classes are the perfect way to explore the power of movement and mindful connection.

Learn a Universal Body Language and a new way of communicating transcending country borders.

The curriculum contains different physical exercises designed to strengthen your foundations and inner connections. We use mindfulness and meditation to gain awareness of our channels and breathing techniques for organic and efficient movement. 

Holistic Dance is the ultimate way to connect and move with or without a partner! Our dance classes are uniquely designed to help leaders & followers deepen their relationship and/or foster a deeper sense of connection with themselves through movement and mindfulness. We believe that partner dance is experienced at its best when both leader and follower make the best version of themselves solo and then meet each other in a co-creation game. We will guide and support you and/or your partner to tap into your own inner energy and connect with each other and the music on a deeper level.

Enroll in a class today and experience the transformative power of Holistic Partner Dance!


"Amazing dance school! Small groups, creating a safe and friendly atmosphere quickly. Laili is an excellent dance teacher and collaborates with other top instructors! The atmosphere is always great here. Every time I've attended, I feel like I've learned so much and made progress. "Patricia vD

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